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Arnaud Quette aquette.dev at gmail.com
Tue Oct 17 11:47:01 UTC 2006

Hi Peter,

first of all, kudos for that very good job ;-)

2006/10/16, Peter Selinger <selinger at mathstat.dal.ca>:
> Dear NUT developers,
> I have converted NUT's build system to Automake/Libtool. Right now,
> the new build system is contained in the "automake" branch, at:
>  ssh://svn.debian.org/svn/nut/branches/automake
> I plan to merge this into the main branch after a period of testing,
> if there are no objections.
> Here are some highlights:
> * automatic dependency tracking: no more need to do this statically
>   with "gendb" and similar
> * flexible multi-platform library support: libupsclient is now built
>   and installed as a static and/or dynamic library, depending on what
>   the target platform supports.
> * new maintainer targets: "make dist" to build a source distribution,
>   "make distcheck" to check that it compiles and installs correctly.
>   There are also several other useful standardized targets, such as
>   "uninstall", "dist-bzip2", "install-strip", "distclean",
>   "maintainer-clean", etc.
> * support for separate build and read-only source directory: For example, try
>         cd /tmp/build
>         ${NUT_SOURCE}/configure --srcdir=${NUT_SOURCE}
>         make
> * as before, installation is relocatable via "make DESTDIR=${DIR} install"
> * I reworked and simplified the configuration of optional features.
>   Instead of specialized "make" targets like "build-usb", "build-lib",
>   "install-lib", etc, features are now specified via configuration
>   options such as "--with-usb", "--with-lib", and are automatically
>   built/installed if selected. Dummy targets are provided for backward
>   "compatibility" (many of them just print an error message explaining
>   the new way of doing things).
> * Some filenames have been standardized; I renamed CHANGES and CREDITS
>   to "ChangeLog" and "AUTHORS", respectively, as this used by most
>   other packages (and all GNU packages).
> * Files that are generated by aclocal, autoheader, autoconf, automake,
>   and ./configure have been removed from SVN. Upon checking out a
>   fresh copy from SVN, populate it is follows:
>         aclocal -I m4
>         autoconf
>         autoheader
>         automake
>   If you have "autoreconf", you can do all of this in a single step:
>         autoreconf -v

the above is generally addressed by an autogen.sh script, which is
still to be run after a checkout, but which does everything for us...

>   Of course, any distribution made by "make dist" already contains the
>   necessary files.
> * There is no more include/version.h. The package version is now
>   defined in a single place: at the top of configure.in.
> * I fixed numerous bugs in configure.in and in the old Makefiles; for
>   example, several man pages did not get installed.
> * I updated the documentation (INSTALL, README, docs/configure.txt,
>   etc) to reflect the new build system.
> I found two files with which I was not sure what to do. They are:
> data/evolution500.dev   - what is this for?

this is for the new dummy driver (dummy-ups, replacing dummycons).
this is basically, as explained in dummy-ups.8, an upsc dump which can
be loaded by the driver, and is shipped as an example.

> drivers/Doxyfile        - this seems to belong to Charles. Perhaps
>                           related to auto-generating documentation
>                           for the tripplite_usb driver? It probably
>                           should go in another directory, and with
>                           a better name.
> Enjoy, and let me know of any bugs/problems! -- Peter

I still have to test it, but it's a great step for the nut.
I just wonder how you addressed the drivers dir specifics?!

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