[Nut-upsdev] [nut-commits] svn commit r1041 - in trunk: .

Arjen de Korte nut+devel at de-korte.org
Sat Aug 11 11:37:30 UTC 2007

>> In order to make the HU_WALKMODE_QUICK_UPDATE more useful, we probably
>> need to set HU_FLAG_QUICK_POLL on "usb.status" elements for more
>> subdrivers. For instance, on the "ups.status" for
>> UPS.BELKINStatus.BELKINPowerStatus and
>> UPS.BELKINStatus.BELKINBatteryStatus in belkin-hid.c (all of them). I'm
>> reluctant to do this, since I can't test if this increased polling of
>> these items doens't break these subdrivers.
> I'm not sure how it could break anything; doesn't it just mean the
> corresponding variables get polled more frequently?

Yes. But as far as I remember, some UPSes can't cope with running
HU_WALKMODE_FULL_UPDATE every pollinterval (defaults to 2 seconds). That's
the reason we came up with the light polling in the first place, where we
only query a subset of variables, HU_WALKMODE_QUICK_UPDATE. As these
drivers currently don't implement this, changing the polling frequency
could break things. I agree that (due to the report buffer) polling just
these two variables is probably not an issue, but I'd rather be sure and
test it.

> I'd be happy to test the change, which seems very sensible, on Belkin and
> APC.


Best regards, Arjen

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