[Nut-upsdev] instant commands in snmp-ups

Bernd Markgraf Bernd.Markgraf at med.ovgu.de
Mon Aug 13 14:25:58 UTC 2007


while I have added quite some info still to pwmib.h. I would now like to
implement an instant command (tast.battery.start). So i added

  { "test.battery.start", 0, 1, PW_OID_BATTEST_START, "", SU_TYPE_CMD 
    |  SU_FLAG_OK, NULL },

running the driver with -DDD I get


which lets me assume it indeed registered an instant command. yet upscmd
doesn't list it and gives an "Instant command failed: Instant command
not supported". Am I missing something else one has to do?


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