[Nut-upsdev] Driver for Ever Net 3000 DPC vs Ever Net 2200 DPC

Piotr D prez2 at o2.pl
Fri Dec 7 10:37:53 UTC 2007


I am trying setup NUT with Ever Net 3000 DPC. All my efforts end with "data stale" error.

I've already set up Ever Net 2200 DPC on Debian Etch.
According to driver documentation, driver I should use for both models is everups.

I've downloaded software provided by producer:
In this software drivers for 2200 and 3000 models are separated.
I managed to run this software and connect to the UPS, so I guess hardware is ok.

Could someone see if it's possible to add support for 3000 model to everups driver in NUT?

On my testing machine connected to this UPS I run Debian Lenny and I can patch and compile newer versions of NUT.

Best regards.


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