[Nut-upsdev] problems reviving and old ups-driver

uwe nut at df3du.mine.nu
Sat Dec 29 18:38:18 UTC 2007


after upgrading to a newer distribution (FC8), I found that the driver
hp.c (used to work fine for me with nut 2.0.0 on FC6) does not work
anymore with 2.2.0.
I want to modify it, as it is contains much of the new structure
(>1.4.0) already.

However, I cannot even get "make" to touch it. I have copied it into the
drivers directory.
Then I did

All drivers compile without problems, but there is no hp- executable or
even a reference to any error.

If I configure with

./configure --with-drivers=hp

it does find hp but gives a lot of errors:

In file included from hp.c:6:
main.h:1:20: error: common.h: No such file or directory
main.h:2:21: error: upsconf.h: No such file or directory
In file included from main.h:3,
                 from hp.c:6:
dstate.h:23:23: error: attribute.h: No such file or directory
dstate.h:25:23: error: parseconf.h: No such file or directory
dstate.h:26:24: error: upshandler.h: No such file or directory

if I do the same thing with

./configure --with-drivers=skel

it works fine

next I renamed skel.c to hp.c:

mv hp.c hp.orig
cp skel.c hp.c

make distclean

./configure --with-drivers=hp


I get the exact same errors although the hp.c is now really the working
skel.c - my expectation was to just throw in the hp.c file and have
"make" take care of all dependencies.
There seems to be more to it and I could not find any hints so far.
What am I missing?

Thanks and happy holidays,


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