[Nut-upsdev] USB HID - interrupt reports

Arjen de Korte nut+devel at de-korte.org
Mon Dec 31 13:26:10 UTC 2007

Since reports received over the interrupt pipeline are a recurring problem
for various types of UPS'es, I propose to simply ignore the data we
receive there and only flush the respective report buffer. By doing so, at
the time the interrupt reports are processed the first variable that is
retreived will trigger a poll for the corresponding feature report and we
should be fine. The impact on existing bahaviour is limited to one
additional poll per report received over the interrupt pipeline.
Effectively, we will only use polling from then on.

Best regards, Arjen
Eindhoven - The Netherlands
Key fingerprint - 66 4E 03 2C 9D B5 CB 9B  7A FE 7E C1 EE 88 BC 57

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