[Nut-upsdev] Backporting megatec driver into Testing

Carlos Rodrigues carlos.efr at mail.telepac.pt
Sun Sep 9 19:38:00 UTC 2007

On 9/9/07, Arjen de Korte <nut+devel at de-korte.org> wrote:
> Carlos,
> Have looked at the diff's between the trunk and Testing, I found that it
> would probably be very worthwhile to backport the driver from the trunk.
>  As far as I can see, the driver in the trunk will allow for better
> debugging, which would be a welcome addition. Could you take care of that?

I also have some other pending stuff to add to megatec, but haven't
got the time to do it. I'll try doing it sometime this week.

Carlos Rodrigues

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