[Nut-upsdev] Scheduling a 2.2.1 release

Arjen de Korte nut+devel at de-korte.org
Wed Sep 12 08:20:48 UTC 2007

>> > I'm preparing to release 2.2.1 this week, so if you have some fixes to
>> > backport on Testing, considering announcing it and doing asap.
>> >
>> > As always, compatibilities update and bugfixes only!
>> Done. It was still quite a bit. I left out all the new goodies in the
>> usbhid-ups driver, these will probably have to wait for the next major
>> release.
> perfect, thanks a lot, Arjen.

As a side note, I would like to push the latest clients/drivers from the
trunk to Testing once we have released 2.2.1. With the changes to the
usbhid-ups driver, I have removed the libhid dependencies for all USB
drivers (except usbhid-ups), but actually only needed the matching
functions. Now that these are in libusb, there is no more reason to drag
all this baggage with them.

Another thing that isn't scheduled for nut-2.2.1 is better protection
against buffer overflows. I think we can live without that for now (we
have for years already), but I would like to have that in nut-2.2.2.

Also, there is a change in the name of the 'beeper.on' and 'beeper.off'
commands in the trunk (compatibility code included, so the old commands
will still work, although they will log a warning). This might do away
with the confusion we created by changing the meaning of these along the
way. Again, that could be in nut-2.2.2.

Last, there are some changes underway for the snmp-ups driver. We need a
lot more testing, so its too soon to put these in nut-2.2.1.

> You've even done some of my tasks ;-)
> Thanks to the time you freed for me, I've been able to work a bit on
> the overdue website update.
> More news soon.

Great! :-)

Best regards, Arjen

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