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Sat Feb 16 10:43:46 UTC 2008

the *battery* voltage and not the *output* voltage (at least for this UPS
and possibly others too, I recall having seen reports where people
actually complained that NUT was reporting impossibly low
'output.voltage.nominal'). So I don't think there is something *broken*
here. What is probably *missing* is the HID path that is reporting the
battery on Charles' UPS, so that the driver won't have to fallback to
"UPS.PowerSummary.ConfigVoltage". Alternatively, if this UPS doesn't
report nominal or actual battery voltage, we may need to ignore these

We may also wish to add "UPS.PowerSummary.ConfigVoltage" as a fallback
when "UPS.Flow.[4].ConfigVoltage" can't be found. But since it can have
two meanings, we can only use it as a fallback if the other paths that
deal with these ("UPS.BatterySystem.ConfigVoltage" and
"UPS.Flow.[4].ConfigVoltage" respectively) can't be found.

I therefor propose to add the following to 'mge-hid.c':

	/* Output page */
	{ "output.voltage", 0, 0, "UPS.PowerConverter.Output.Voltage", NULL,
"%.1f", 0, NULL },
	{ "output.voltage.nominal", ST_FLAG_RW | ST_FLAG_STRING, 5,
"UPS.Flow.[4].ConfigVoltage", NULL, "%.0f", HU_FLAG_SEMI_STATIC, NULL },
+	{ "output.voltage.nominal", 0, 0, "UPS.PowerSummary.ConfigVoltage",
	{ "output.current", 0, 0, "UPS.PowerConverter.Output.Current", NULL,
"%.2f", 0, NULL },
	{ "output.powerfactor", 0, 0, "UPS.PowerConverter.Output.PowerFactor",
NULL, "%s", 0, mge_powerfactor_conversion },

Best regards, Arjen

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