[Nut-upsdev] Finding libusb on FreeBSD 8.0

Arjen de Korte nut+devel at de-korte.org
Fri Dec 25 11:13:20 UTC 2009

Citeren Charles Lepple <clepple op gmail.com>:

>> Well, the only thing we could do, is fallback to these defaults if  
>> the detection via 'libusb-config' fails to detect the libusb  
>> presence.
> Just saw that patch. Should we check for "usb.h" (the 0.1 API)  
> instead of "libusb.h"?

You're absolutely right, this was a mistake. I committed a change to  
check for the proper header. Note that I feel we should only do this  
when falling back to the build in defaults, therefor if  
'libusb-config' is available, we don't check.

If 'libusb-config' gives us the wrong info (and despite setting the  
CFLAGS and LDFLAGS according to its results these functions are not  
available), I think this should result in a compiler/linker error (and  
that we shouldn't just silently disable USB support).

Best regards, Arjen
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