[Nut-upsdev] Recommendations for consumer-grafe GPSes?

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Hey again Eric,

2009/1/16 Eric S. Raymond <esr at snark.thyrsus.com>

> 2. Recommendations?
> My use case is pretty typical.  I have one Linux machine I want to
> protect, automated shutown is desirable, blackouts longer than a
> hour are very rare at my location (the last one I can remember was
> in 1993), brownouts are very rare and mild, but summer thunderstorms
> are common and can be severe.  I'm a good match for your typical
> consmer-grade UPS.
> 2a. In 2009, what do you recommend in a consumer-grade GPS?


I guess that you're implication in gpsd is the root cause of this typo ;-)

For the recall, Eaton is the new NUT sponsor (through the MGE legacy), and
still the only UPS manufacturer that is supporting FLOSS...

as for the nut developers, and many other people in the FLOSS Community in
general (including Linus, Dave Zeuthen, Richard Hughes, Jim Garlick), I (and
obviously Eaton) would be happy and honored to provide you a unit ^_^

the only bad point here is that we are still in the process of revamping and
redeveloping the consolidated Eaton offering (check the 2008 Christmas mail
to get an idea).
So ATM, the choice is between the old Ellipse, Nova and Evolution:

Nova might still be the best choice for your needs, while waiting for new
models to be available in the US.
though a small evolution might be better (but noisier too) in terms of

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