[Nut-upsdev] Powerware 9125 & bcmxcp driver

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Thu Aug 26 11:56:36 UTC 2010

2010/8/26 Баталов Григорий

> 26 августа 2010 г. 12:11 пользователь Arnaud Quette
> <aquette.dev at gmail.com> написал:
> >> It looks like bcmxcp driver doesn't fit my device:
> >>
> >> UPS Model                    PW9125
> >> UPS Firmware Version    FP: 1.10 INV: 1.10
> >> VA Rating                      3000 VA
> >>
> >> Web/SNMP card is present.
> >>
> >> Minicom connection to /dev/ttyS0 gives nice banner and control menu,
> >> but they prevent nut driver from working correctly (I guess). UPS should
> >> be switched into "Pass-Through" mode before BCM/XCP commands
> >> became actual.
> >>
> >> How to deal with such UPS? Should I modify default bcmxcp driver or
> >> somehow turn device into supported mode?
> >
> > the bcmxcp driver is for serial communication (like bcmxcp_usb is for
> USB).
> > here, you should be using snmp-ups, ie having in your ups.conf the
> > following:
> > [connectUPS]
> >         driver = snmp-ups
> >         port = <ip address of the connectUPS card>
> >
> > this should answer your needs.
> Thank you, it works this way too, but I'd like to setup serial
> communication as well.
> Do you mean that SNMP card has unsupported serial port and
> bcmxcp driver is for standalone communication ports only (9 pins)?

ok, I took a bit of time to complete my knowledges on this specific topic.
According to what I've found, you should be able to enable the serial
communication using UPS passthrough communication. This should only need
settings on the DIP switches, which should get rid of any driver
See the below link, p32, chapter "Serial Pass-Through Mode":

Are your DIP switches set to the 1 (on) position? Have you made a reset?

I've made a test on my side, with a 9130 and a connectUPS BD slot (which has
the same features, but not the same form factor. By applying the above
mentioned procedure, I've succeeded in using bcmxcp driver (with a serial to
USB converter). To speed up the driver startup, put "baud_rate=9600" in your
ups.conf section for this UPS.

I will complete the HCL with these information.
thanks for pointing me this feature ;-)

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