[Nut-upsdev] Patch: upssched puts UPS name in the command line

Kiss Gabor (Bitman) kissg at ssg.ki.iif.hu
Tue Jun 22 14:58:58 UTC 2010

Dear Arjen,

> If using regular expressions is important for you, write a (trivial) script
> that generates the upssched.conf file for you. It might for instance take the

Yes, this is also a possible solution. However does not give the same result.

> upsmon.conf file as input, parse the MONITOR lines and build an appropriate
> upssched.conf file from there. This would be much more light weight than doing
> this at runtime.
> Adding regular expressions in upssched is a huge waste of effort. We have
> better things to work on too.

Do you mean I do not belong to "us"? :)

Best regards


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