[Nut-upsdev] Threads

Kiss Gabor (Bitman) kissg at ssg.ki.iif.hu
Sun Jun 27 19:58:05 UTC 2010

> > I wonder if library routines (like dstate_*) are thread-safe?
> I can't speak for the other NUT developers, but I would prefer that we
> not open that can of worms.
> Most hardware can't handle multithreaded access without some sort of
> mutex, so I am not sure I see why the driver should be multithreaded.
> Can you explain a little more about this driver?

I can but I'm afraid you won't be happy. :)

I plan to write a version of "clone" that polls more than one
physical UPS drivers. We have 4 UPS with parallel output
and some 200 servers with several system administrators.
(Some of them cannot be called "guru".)
I want to offer a very simple, easy to use, single virtual
ups that collect data from real drivers then calculates
simulated values and offers a single status variable (OL/OB/LB)
that my clients' upsmon. This is the only I can imagine
that all of the is able to configure w/o any errors.

OK, I can build a non threaded program too but it will be
more complex a bit.


Mz mn fszm mhrmnc cntm,
   mk nm mhsz bvhmt.

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