[Nut-upsdev] Threads

Kiss Gabor (Bitman) kissg at ssg.ki.iif.hu
Mon Jun 28 14:07:09 UTC 2010

> my personal one is moreover that you won't gain simplicity by adding
> multithread support for such case, since you will need to sync your thread
> and core for data consolidation.
> serialized acquisition will get the job done, still in a portable (not only
> theoretically) way.

This is true in case of polling upsd.
However I planned to open the direct sockets of 4 snmp-ups drivers
and getting data asyncronously.

> if you really want to split the acquisition load, use 4 real drivers, and
> then acquire data from the local sockets. Somehow like the clone driver do.

Yes, exactly. This is the case when multithread simplifies programming
model. Each thread could receive async data and issuing PING commands

> Or using the network protocol (through upsd) like dummy-ups' repeater mode.
> btw, I do so now why you were eager to see the dummy-ups meta mode ;-)
> Note that I'm still interested in working on this, but simply lacking time
> to do so. But we can work together if you like...

I think my current development satisfies very particular demands.
I doubt if anyone else is interested in it. :-)
Maybe I will have some questions later.


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