[Nut-upsdev] using upscode2 driver with Powerware 5119 RM

Steve Golson sgolson at trilobyte.com
Thu Mar 4 14:52:42 UTC 2010

On 3/3/10 3:53 PM, Arjen de Korte wrote:
> Citeren Steave Golson <sgolson at trilobyte.com>:
>> However the driver ignores my setting, and forces UPSD to have a value
>> of "1" just before issuing the UPPC shutdown command. Removing this
>> UPSD allows the custom value to be used correctly.
> I attempted to fix this, by setting "ups.delay.shutdown=10" and
> "ups.delay.reboot=120" when the driver starts monitoring the UPS (in
> order to have some sensible defaults). If you restart the driver with
> the -k flag (in order to send the shutdown command), this part of the
> code will be skipped and the driver will proceed to send the
> "shutdown.return" instcmd (twice actually, with a one second delay in
> between) with any "ups.delay.shutdown" that may have been set in the
> mean time. I agree that it isn't pretty to allow people to set a
> shutdown delay and then when the time comes to shutdown, completely
> ignore whatever they requested.

That's a good solution.

I think instcmd should be "shutdown.reboot" instead of "shutdown.return". My 
UPS does not support UPPF command but does support UPPC. You really want it to 
shutdown regardless of the state of line power, then it will come back up 
after ups.delay.reboot seconds.

>> Also I changed the shutdown messages so the ups.delay.* values are
>> reported.
> I fail to see the benefit of that. The filesystems should have been
> (re)mounted read-only and we probably don't have network connectivity
> anymore at that time, so unless someone is watching the console at that
> time, the messages will be lost forever. The reason why we have them
> here, is for debugging purposes.

Yes, good point. If necessary I can send those parameters to syslog when the 
shutdown process first starts.

> Having said that, thanks for your feedback. It's been quite a while
> since we've seen someone running this driver and it is good to know that
> it still serves a purpose to maintain it. If you have the time to
> checkout the latest version from the trunk, I would be grateful.

I will, thanks for the quick action.


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