[Nut-upsdev] 2.4.1 Voltages are Great for CP1000AVRLCD, but usbfs messages in logs (a lot)

Arjen de Korte nut+devel at de-korte.org
Fri Mar 12 09:11:52 UTC 2010

Citeren "David C. Rankin" <drankinatty op suddenlinkmail.com>:

> [upsmaster]
>         password = notRealm
>         upsmon master
> [upsslave]
>         password = notReals
>         upsmon slave
> [david]
>         password = notReald
>         actions = SET
>         instcmds = ALL

The above configuration for [david] is invalid. You *must* specify  
whether the user has upsmon master or slave privileges. Neither is  
listed, which will not be a problem for logging in on pre-2.4.2  
versions, but will be in later versions.

Best regards, Arjen
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