[Nut-upsdev] Tripplite USB 3003 problems

Charles Lepple clepple at gmail.com
Thu Mar 25 01:25:38 UTC 2010

On Wed, Mar 24, 2010 at 11:35 AM, Wallis, Chase Civ USAF AFMC 519
SMXS/MXDEA <Chase.Wallis at hill.af.mil> wrote:
> I have been having a few issues recently. I’m running Nut 2.4.3 on Solaris
> 10 (10/09) using a TrippLite SMART700DVa UPS. Everything seems to be working
> fine except for some random issues. During a power cycle (UPS online to
> offline to online) NUT will occasionally get disconnected from the UPS. A
> call to it using upsc results in “Error: Data stale”.  And running dmesg has
> the following messages:
>                 UPS ups at localhost on line power
>                 UPS ups at localhost on battery
>                 Data for UPS [ups] is stale – check driver
>                 Poll UPS [ups at localhost] failed – Data stale
>                 Last message repeated 2 times

After this, is the tripplite_usb process still running?

I don't know the default syslog configuration on Solaris anymore, but
is there a more detailed system log than what "dmesg" prints? At the
LOG_INFO level, the tripplite_usb driver prints out a message if it
has given up on reconnecting to the UPS.

> This will only happen once in every 50 times or so. I am not sure where to
> look for the problem. Could it be a problem in NUT? Or Solaris or the
> libusb? Or could it be a problem with the UPS?

Even when the tripplite_usb driver actually works correctly, it is
often attributable to a problem with the UPS :-)

All kidding aside, if this does not occur every time, it is going to
be somewhat hard to track down. One possibility is to run the driver
with some "-D" flags to generate debug output, but this will not work
under upsdrvctl - you would simply start the driver by hand, and you
will probably want to redirect the debug output to a log file.

> It has occurred on different
> machines with different UPS’s, so I don’t think it is a hardware issue. Has
> anyone else seen a problem like this? Or could point me in the right
> direction to get this problem resolved?

I will admit that I do not have a tripplite_usb driver running
continuously, and definitely not a protocol 3003 UPS, so we rely on
user reports.

- Charles Lepple

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