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Tue Nov 30 13:08:48 UTC 2010

2010/11/30 Arnaud Quette

> 2010/11/28 Arjen de Korte
> Citeren Arjen de Korte
>>  Log:
>>> Use the 'nss_compat_ossl' compatibility layer to use the Mozilla NSS
>>> library instead of OpenSSL (we might want to include native support in the
>>> future, but this will at least allow a quick migration for testing purposes)
>> I don't recall that we ever discussed the possibility of adding NSS
>> support by using the 'nss_compat_ossl' OpenSSL compatibility layer. Just to
>> be sure, I added this to see if this is a workable solution. On my
>> (openSUSE) system this seems to build without problems.
>> Having said that, I'm not sure how future proof this will be. It could be
>> that in the end we want to use the native NSS functions instead. I didn't
>> spend any time on this (and have no desire to do so either) so I have no
>> idea how much work that would be (but maybe our new team member Emilien can
>> work this out).
> considering the availability of nss-compat vs. nss, I doubt it's a good
> idea to go this way.
> Emilien has made a few tests on Debian based system, and the conclusion are
> clearly in favor of nss (ie not compat).
> though the underlying idea of nss-compat was good, it seems not that people
> / distro have adhered to this approach.
> I've asked Emilien to concentrate on a native nss implementation.
> FYI, his first investigation seems to show that implementation won't be the
> hardest part, but documentation and setup will...
> It also seems, after an update round on my side, that the standardization
> on nss pushed by Fedora and Suse has not yet made its way.

just to clearly disambiguate the situation: as from now, we'll be abandoning
the nss-compat work.
Arjen: if you however want to continue testing this approach (which IMHO
would be a waste of time), could you please create another branch for this?
so that Emilien can concentrate on the native NSS implementation...

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