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Arnaud Quette aquette.dev at gmail.com
Thu Feb 24 21:20:25 UTC 2011

Hallo Tobias,

2011/2/22 Tobias Frost <tobi at coldtobi.de>

> Hallo,
> I own a NETUPS 450 (Model on the sticker: PRM 450i; upsstats reports
> "UPS 450 VA FW -0024") which perfectly works with the upscode2 driver.
> Maybe you want to add it to your list, even if the model is >10 years
> old.

thanks a lot for your report.
it seems that your unit is not that old... if it's still running and
protecting you ;-)
just be sure to check your battery regularly!

digging a bit more, we had a previous report back in 2005, which complete

I suppose this is true for the whole series. According manual the come
> in the 450VA, 700VA, 1000VA and 1500VA strengths.
> They have been sold under different manufactors: powerware, exide and
> now they are listed under Eaton's homepage -- I think the companies have
> been sold/merged etc. ;-)

thanks again, that gave me the opportunity to dig a bit more Eaton's (reach)

I've just committed a patch (r2909) with the following:

Deltec PRM
Exide NetUPS SE
Eaton NetUPS SE

Powerware 5119 RM was already present.

Many kudos for your work.

thanks in the name of the authors, and the team.

> (...)
> device.mfr : unknown
> (...)
> ups.mfr : unknown

for the sake of completion, note that as per the manpage, you have to set
'manufacturer=Eaton' (or some other value) in your ups.conf.

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