[Nut-upsdev] Initialising UPS variables from ups.conf

John Bayly freebsd.ports at tipstrade.net
Mon Mar 7 10:51:18 UTC 2011

Are there any plans to allow us to specify UPS variables in ups.conf, eg:

         driver = usbhid-ups
         port = auto
         desc = "Eaton Evolution S 3000"
         vendorid = 0463
         productid = ffff
         ups.delay.shutdown = 120
         ups.delay.start = 130

The reason I ask is that I'm using FreeBSD & gmirror and need to extend 
the gracetime for the system to shutdown. For the moment, I've created a 
custom shutdown script that is set in upsmon.conf that does the job.


/usr/local/bin/upsrw -s ups.delay.start=130 -u haltuser -p somepassword 
/usr/local/bin/upsrw -s ups.delay.shutdown=120 -u haltuser -p 
somepassword evo_s_3000

/sbin/shutdown -h +0


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