[Nut-upsdev] Initialising UPS variables from ups.conf

John Bayly freebsd.ports at tipstrade.net
Mon Mar 7 13:14:24 UTC 2011

On 07/03/2011 12:35, John Bayly wrote:
> On 07/03/2011 11:42, Arjen de Korte wrote:
>> Citeren John Bayly <freebsd.ports at tipstrade.net>:
>>> Are there any plans to allow us to specify UPS variables in ups.conf,
>>> eg:
>> We already support this (as a hidden feature) since nut-2.4.0, where
>> it is possible to set
>>     default.<variable> = value (default to value if UPS doesn't report
>> this)
>>     override.<variable> = value (same, but override if reported by UPS)
>> But most likely, this is not what you need.
> I'll look into how that works, thanks. These look like they do exactly 
> the job for specifying the delays for the switched outlets 
> (outlet.1.delay.start). Is there any reason why they're a "hidden 
> feature"? Should I rely on this remaining? Is it driver specific?
Ignore that. It of course (as the description says) overrides the value 
reported, and has no effect on the UPS function.

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