[Nut-upsdev] libnutconf: (De)serialisation methods added

VaclavKrpec at Eaton.com VaclavKrpec at Eaton.com
Fri Dec 7 13:21:54 UTC 2012

Hello everybody,

(de)serialisation methods of all the currently existing config. classes
were pushed to balooloo/nut, libconf branch:


Please note that the deserialisation methods should work, however
they are quite inefficient since they simply read the whole stream to memory
and then call parseFromString.  I guess it's enough for now, but in the future,
the parser should be modified to use NutStream, directly.

Nevertheless, this means that the code responsible for reading/writing
nut.conf, upsmon.conf, upsd.conf, ups.conf and upsd.users and assembly
of the associated configuration objects is there.
Note however, that most of the code wasn't U-tested, yet.  I wanted to write
UTs, today, but I'm feeling a bit sick, I've a headache and I guess I'll have to
leave that for the next week.

As usual, reviews, comments, suggestions etc welcome.

Kind regards,


Václav Krpec
Network UPS Tools project
Eaton Opensource Team

Eaton Elektrotechnika s.r.o. ~ S�dlo spolecnosti, jak je zaps�no v rejstr�ku: Kom�rovsk� 2406, Praha 9 - Horn� Pocernice, 193 00, Cesk� Republika ~ Jm�no, m�sto, kde byla spolecnost zaregistrov�na: Praha ~ Identifikacn� c�slo (ICO): 498 11 894 

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