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I'm back on your topic, with a "bit" of lag, as usual these times...
are you still around for completing these points (helper script + netys

2012/11/2 Ing. Ján <jan.ondrej at upjs.sk>

> On Thu, Nov 01, 2012 at 12:56:48AM +0100, Arnaud Quette wrote:
> > 2012/10/31 Ing. Ján <jan.ondrej at upjs.sk>
> > > Your script created mostly only empty .c file, so all translations
> should
> > > be
> > > added manually. May be it's simpler to get an already existing *-mib.c
> file
> > > and update it for my UPS, like use your empty file. Or something got
> wrong?
> > >
> >
> > send the result to the list, in compressed form.
> > remember that I'm firstly validating the new script, and secondly the
> > result, but both for integration.
> OK, here are.

1) on the gen-snmp-subdriver.sh side:

things are almost fine, but not completely:
the textual (string) walk have not been resolved, so my script may be wrong
in using -M or something like that.

I've no SNMP under the hand, so I'm relying on you! I need the following:

$ snmpwalk -Os -v1 -M /path/to/Netys/MIB/directory -c $COMMUNITY $HOSTNAME
$SYSOID 2>/dev/null 1> snmpwalk-Os-M.log

and another one without -M (again)
$ snmpwalk -Os -v1 -c $COMMUNITY $HOSTNAME $SYSOID 2>/dev/null 1>

BTW, what is the location of your .mib file?

I've just committed the script + some documentation:

it should help understanding the process.

2) on the netys-mib.ch side

as told the above, the general result is good: SNMP subdrivers are just big
C structs + a few hook functions.
we have a specific struct for your unit, filed with OIDs so that we just
have to map the good nut name to the more possible OIDs.
again, the new doc should clarify a bit things.
I'm checking to commit a first version, with essential data.

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