[Nut-upsdev] bestfortress driver establishes/loses/establishes communication and so on...

Oliver Kluge ok23 at kluge-digital.de
Wed Feb 1 01:16:57 UTC 2012

Hi Arnaud, Stuart,

Arnaud Quette wrote:
> I'm interested in.
> could you please post it gzipped privately, or post a link?

You'll find it temporarily under http://www kluge-digital

Of course with a dot before the TLD and after www, I just want to annoy 
spiders that may read this mailing list or it's archive :-)

> the only thing I see ATM is a polling frequency that too aggressive (2
> seconds by default).
> you can try to change it using 'pollinterval' in ups.conf

That's another strange story. I thought I had set it to 2 experimentally 
- but actually it is set to 5. I changed it to 10 - and still it polls 
using 2 (and claims so in the debug output).

When I put pollintervall=10 into the section [fortress] in ups.conf, I 
get the error that pollintervall is no recognized parameter when I start 
the driver. When I put the parameter outside [fortress] it gets ignored 

In the other config files, pollfreq and pollfreqalert are currently set 
to 20 and 15, the update intervall is set at 10.


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