[Nut-upsdev] bestfortress driver establishes/loses/establishes communication and so on...

Michal Hlavinka mhlavink at redhat.com
Mon Jan 23 09:56:01 UTC 2012

On 01/21/2012 09:39 PM, Stuart D Gathman wrote:
 > Long ago, Nostradamus foresaw that on 01/19/2012 07:35 AM, Michal
 > Hlavinka would write:
 >>>> Yes, on Fedora 16, you have to start nut-server before 
nut-monitor, and
 >>>> systemd tries to start them at once.  Haven't got around to
 >>>> reporting that.
 >>>> I don't think this problem is fortress specific.
 >> it *should* work :)
 >>> quickly looking at the service files, nut-monitor is marked to be
 >>> started after nut-server, and nut-server after nut-driver
 >>> so you may be hitting a systemd bug.
 >> could you please provide part from /var/log/messages, where
 >> nut-{driver,server} are being started? Also what systemd and nut
 >> version do you have (together with release number) ? rpm -q nut systemd
 > After boot, only upsmon is running (and whining about no server)

what output gives you following command?

ll /etc/systemd/system/*target.wants/nut*.service

 > and
 > messages contains:
 > Jan 21 12:53:30 melissa systemd[1]: Service nut-driver.service is not
 > needed anymore. Stopping.

this looks exactly as a symptom of the bug I mentioned in last email

 > Jan 21 12:53:30 melissa systemd[1]: Requested transaction contradicts
 > existing jobs: File exists
 > I can then manually start nut-server.service.  Status is then:

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