[Nut-upsdev] NUT Bugs #313634 & #313714: unification & encapsulation of timer proposition

VaclavKrpec at Eaton.com VaclavKrpec at Eaton.com
Thu Sep 27 11:19:32 UTC 2012

Hello everybody,
I'm working on the "Use difftime for time comparison" bug (#313634).
Charles directed me to the other one "Use monotonic clock for monitoring"
attended to by Baruch; I believe that's very good idea, however I'd use a bit
more encapsulated & general approach:
1/ I'd create an opaque timer type and its get/set/cmp/inc/dec etc interface
under common
2/ implementation of the interface would use the monotonic clock if available
(the clock_*time on Linux, potentially other monotonic clock impl. on other
systems) and time_t as a fallback
3/ when implemented, use of the timer shall be spread throughout the code,
replacing direct use of time_t
What do you think?
I'm also a bit reluptant to do such a change in scope of the bugfix; I'd create
a new feature req. for that, OK?
Any comments/ suggestions welcome,

P.S: already managed to post this from another address by mistake, so please
just discard the previous e-mail (or this one, depending on which you've read).

Václav Krpec
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