[Nut-upsdev] R: Small fixes needed for Riello driver

Elio Parisi E.Parisi at riello-ups.com
Tue Apr 9 15:46:06 UTC 2013

Hi Charles,

attached there are the patch that fixed all the three points.

Let me know if all is ok.


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Da: Charles Lepple [mailto:clepple at gmail.com]
Inviato: martedì 9 aprile 2013 14.38
A: Elio Parisi
Cc: nut-upsdev list
Oggetto: Small fixes needed for Riello driver


1) The comment block in drivers/riello.h points to the Megatec protocol documentation. Are the links in drivers/riello.c correct? If so, we can change the .h file to match the .c file.

2) clang caught this bug:

drivers/riello.c:984:28: warning: argument to 'sizeof' in 'memset' call is the same expression as the destination; did you mean to provide an explicit length? [-Wsizeof-pointer-memaccess]

As a result, memset() will only clear the first 4 or 8 bytes of the buffer.

This is in Git master (12d6e76).

I would recommend creating a typedef for the buffer which includes the size (e.g. BYTE[128] rather than BYTE*), or using a #define and changing the sizeof() to reference that definition.

Also, is there a particular need for the BYTE/WORD/DWORD typedefs? It is useful to have consistency across all the drivers, and in this case, I would use the stdint.h definitions to make the size and signed-ness explicit (e.g. uint16_t instead of WORD).

Charles Lepple
clepple at gmail

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