[Nut-upsdev] smsbrasil-0.0.2 driver

Ulisses Guedes uli1958 at hotmail.com
Mon Jul 1 08:38:51 UTC 2013

> cmd shutdown.reboot does not work entirely. After a minute, UPS is shut down but didn't come back. (Issuing
> shutdown.stop power up it again)

Humm! This appears while setting of shutdown time. The time is set using a empirical function (See TshutConv).
where I try some relation between real time clock and UPS time. this last one is unstable and need calibration.
For a request real-time 'tshut' then the UPS time is computed by (256*tshut)/150. This was calibrated for one NET4+, but it may vary with UPS load and number of requests.

Since these UPS models have no request type for time calibration  may be the parameters shall be provided by user, after some procedure to be implemented. If that time calibration request exist then it is undocumented. Any information is welcome.

>Some details I found:
>After shutdown.return and shutdown.reboot, usb port (/dev/ttyUSB0) is still open and working.
>Powering down from ups button disables communication.

Yes! I dont know why but the cypress_m8 driver keeps the port at opened state. I had asked to someone about how to detect when the USB port goes down. The answer was to create an udev rule. I will try this later.

>Power up from ups button issues power-on self test (pop, crack and clicking sounds) whereas shutdown.return and shutdown.stop
>just bring it on without post. I think this is normal.


>Also, from ups button power up, power up from shutdown.return or shutdown.stop, the smsbrasil sets ups.status as OL BYPASS.
> Since this ups is line interactive, what is this bypass bit? I didn't review the driver yet but it is a bug from the
> driver or hardware?

The code was not checking the output voltage before setting the battery status. It is an implementation bug.
It will be fixed. Thanks

> Also related, after returning from a test, the driver sets ups.status as OL _without_ BYPASS. 

I guess that after checking the output voltage level before setting the ups status it will be fixed.

>There is also (I suppose) wrong values on reestabilishing connection.
>input.voltage 3892.0
>input.frequency 0.2
>output.voltage 3892.0
>battery.charge 2252.8
>ups.temp 3072.0
>ups.load 3891.2
>battery.runtime 180
>Could this be related to pu.BatOnOff ? 

No! After a reply validation  I guess that it will be fixed. 

>There is also another point, after issuing shutdown.reboot or shutdown.return, the ups.load, output.voltage and battery.runtime>values goes to 0, but ups.status is "OL BYPASS". Is this ok?

No! It should goes to offline (OFF). It will be fixed. 
new code of smsbrasil will be available soon.
Thank you. 

>driver debug log is attached. (smsbrasil -qqqqqq -DDDDDD -i 5)


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