[Nut-upsdev] bcmxcp: Patch for adding ups.load and battery.voltage.low

Charles Lepple clepple at gmail.com
Wed Jul 3 14:51:26 UTC 2013

On Jul 2, 2013, at 5:16 PM, Kjell Claesson wrote:

>> I hope other people can also test this.
>> Regards
>> Alf Hogemark
> Due to some crashes on the disks and lack of time I don't have the git on the 
> pc now. But maybe some other can commit this.

I'd like to ask people to specifically try the bcmxcp branch on GitHub - it includes some changes that Prachi made a while ago.


Kjell: if it's just Git that you need, you can download a snapshot from GitHub. If you need the full autotools as well, let me know, and I'll build a tarball. (I still haven't had time to debug why the Buildbot code doesn't publish the autoconf-generated tarball.)

Alf: your patch didn't apply to this branch, but it was easy enough to add in the two NUT mappings.

Overall diffs:


Many of these changes simply remove some of the "magic numbers" but it would be good if someone with the BCM/XCP hardware could verify that nothing was broken in the process.

Charles Lepple
clepple at gmail

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