[Nut-upsdev] UPSC based Windows Client

Charles Lepple clepple at gmail.com
Tue Oct 15 00:55:59 UTC 2013

Hi Eric,

> Last month I wrote WinUPSC, a Windows task tray UPS monitor. WinUPSC re-uses the UPSC logic to poll the UPS. 
> This initial version was tested against two Eaton UPS devices connected to my NAS device. 4 PC's monitor the UPS they are depending on, 
> WinUPSC is now robuust enough to deal with all kind of circumstances (e.g. continue after standy, hibernation, disconnects etc). 

Sounds great!

> I really appriciate the NUT initiative and would like to actively contribute with this tool, but never published code to the open source community before. Can it be included in the NUT Windows distribution?

Hopefully one of the NUT Windows developers can chime in. I am not familiar with the details of how the Windows package is built.

I don't know of any policy reasons why it couldn't be included. I saw that your code is GPL v2+, so that's good.

> Or just a link to e.g. sourgeforge on the Downloads page? The minimal requirement for me is to be able to continue to develop and publish updates. Preferably others can contribute as well

We can definitely add a link to somewhere, at the very least.

As for updating it, I think it depends on what you prefer. If you want to use Git, we could probably add this source code to the NUT GitHub site. If you are more comfortable with Subversion or Mercurial, there are other hosting options.

It also depends on how much code is shared with the core of NUT. There are a few Windows compatibility functions on the windows_port branch in Git, but I didn't look closely to see how much of that you are using, or if you made equivalent modifications to the main NUT/upsc codebase.

> Both sources (C++/MFC in VS2010) with a manual and installer (renamed to msi_) are attached (no executables included). Please contact me how to proceed. I would like to publish my sources, installer and manual via the NUT website, free for everyone.

The mailing lists limit messages to ~40 KB, so your source code didn't make it through (sorry I forgot to mention that at first). If you have a Google account, I think you can post the files on Google Drive. This is probably the easiest until source control is completely set up, since I don't have access to post the files on networkupstools.org. If that doesn't work, let me know and I can put them in a temporary directory on my server. We can work with Arnaud to get the installer and manual on the main NUT site later.

Charles Lepple
clepple at gmail

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