[Nut-upsdev] snmp-ups shutdowns

Jim Klimov jimklimov at cos.ru
Wed Feb 19 11:23:28 UTC 2014

On 2014-02-19 03:04, Tim Rice wrote:
> If you've got a AP9630 card these notes may be useful.
> # APC ap9630 notes:
> # Use firmware 6.0.6 or later if you want SNMPv3
> # Configuration->Shutdown
> # In "Start of Shutdown" section, set "Low Battery Duration" and
> # "Shutdown Delay" to get enough grace time for the ESXI shutdown
> # Optionally, in "End of Shutdown" section set "Return Delay" to 60 seconds.
> #

Thanks a lot for the suggestion, I'll give it a spin :)

> Now here are the OIDs (pick one) to actually turn the UPS off
> after the shutdown delay.
> # reboot gracefully (APC) (stays off until utility power is restored)
> UPS_OID=". integer 3"
> # turn off UP gracefully (APC) (stays off even if power is restored)
> #UPS_OID=". integer 3"

These seem like config file entries... where do they go?
I don't see UPS_OID in /etc/nut/* (for that 2.6.3 installation)

Also, just to make sure, the "reboot gracefully" part does indeed
reboot the UPS and its load "instantly" (after the timeout) if the
wall power is already back by the time the UPS goes down due to
this command, right?

//Jim Klimov

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