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Wed Jan 29 13:46:43 UTC 2014

Hi Rodolfo,

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On Jan 29, 2014, at 7:59 AM, rodolfo at tsshara.com.br wrote:

> <blazer_usb.c.txt>
> Sorry, we forgot to send another file. We developed this code (blazer_usb.c.txt) so that your software is able to communicate with our hardware, because our hardware is not able to create a Virtual COM. In order to do that, the file attached will perform the job of making our UPS communicate with a Linux platform. 

Which version of NUT did you modify?

In the current version of NUT, we have an improved driver for Megatec Qx protocols called nutdrv_qx. Your modifications should work in the new driver, but we need to know what version of blazer_usb.c you started with.

> I am developing the possibility for the company I work called TS Shara, that produces nobreaks (UPS) in São Paulo, Brazil, to use your software (NUT) in order for our nobreaks (UPS) start working with a Linux platform/ environment. The objective is to achieve a control/monitoring system for our nobreaks (UPS), especially when they exchange information with a Linux platform.  
> We are really interested and pleased with the software results. However, it was necessary to use a driver (tsshara.tar.gz) in order to work with our nobreaks (UPS). This occurs because our USB hardware (located in our UPS) does not create a Virtual Com when the UPS is connected to the computer.

Correct, all of the USB sub-drivers in blazer_usb and nutdrv_qx use libusb directly, and do not need a Virtual COM (/dev/ttyUSB*) port kernel driver. 

> We would like to know if it is possible to input the sub-routine "sgs_command" located in blazer_usb.c.txt in the nut code? So that any user is able to download and install the software directly from the NUT site, without any other additional file like the one attached.

This should not be too hard. Is the major difference from cypress_command() that the commands are transferred in 7-byte chunks instead of 8-byte?

> We would also like that the software interface displaying all the status of the UPS is fully written in Portuguese. Is that possible?

In order to keep the network protocol and drivers simple, the status is not translated. However, clients such as the Python NUT-Monitor script, the CGI programs, wmnut and WinNUT could be translated.

NUT-Monitor has already been translated into Italian and French: scripts/python/app/locale/


> We are available to help in order to solve any problem that might happen.

Good to know, thanks! We look forward to working with you.

> <tsshara.tar.gz>

I looked at these binaries, and they appear to be old (NUT v2.6.3). I think it would be better if we merged the source code.

Also, we do not mind if you distribute binaries of NUT, but the GPL requires you to provide a way to get the source code you used to build that version. In this case, if you are distributing tsshara.tar.gz, you could do this by:

 * including all of the NUT source code in that archive,
 * include a patch file, and say where to get the base version of NUT, or
 * provide a link to the modified source code


Charles Lepple
clepple at gmail

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