[Nut-upsdev] NUT and UPS TS Shara

hyouko at gmail.com hyouko at gmail.com
Fri Jan 31 18:38:35 UTC 2014

I added the sgs subdriver to nutdrv_qx:

(I assumed Rodolfo - surname? - is the author of the code, do you want
me to change it?)

I changed a couple of things:
- https://github.com/zykh/nut/commit/ebae0e0e499e7983b4f26562451255a39abb023b#diff-38221201bf335e4da4e2dc77d5c6b3c2R478
- https://github.com/zykh/nut/commit/ebae0e0e499e7983b4f26562451255a39abb023b#diff-38221201bf335e4da4e2dc77d5c6b3c2R482

Do they still make sense?

Let me know if I can help in something else.

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