[Nut-upsdev] Question on support for Upsonic Commercial UPS CXR 2000 - 2000VA/1200W - Rack/Tower on Freebsd 9.1.

Chris Duffy cjd at small-tree.com
Fri Jan 31 20:14:57 UTC 2014

I am working with a number of our customers to ensure that NUT
works with different UPS's on Freebsd 9.1.

The current one I am looking is support for:

*Upsonic Commercial UPS CXR 2000 - 2000VA/1200W - Rack/Tower*

What seems to be supported in Freebsd is:

LAN Saver 600
	genericups upstype=0
Power Guardian
	genericups upstype=7
PrOffice 650
USB 	blazer_usb
USB 	blazer_usb

we tried these but not much luck according to my customer.
Has anyone got this one to work on Freebsd and
what is needed for the config?

If I need to somehow get into the UPS via serial port or ????
to get some information that someone needs in order to
config it correctly, let me know how/what.

Thx in advance,
Chris Duffy

Chris Duffy
Product Support
Small Tree Communications
Direct 651-209-6509 X305
Mobil 651-303-9613
AIM/Google:cjdwoodbury at gmail.com

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