[Nut-upsdev] feature request -- talk to the router, not the UPS

elliot smith freenas at x84.org
Mon Jun 2 08:38:21 UTC 2014


I want to propose a universal UPS driver that will work with any and all
UPSes out there.  That driver is called:  PING :-)

It works like this... the user plugs their router into a power source
OTHER than the UPS.  Instead of talking to the UPS, NUT pings the router
every say, 30 seconds.  If the router doesn't respond to the PING, NUT
keeps trying for a user-configurable amount of time, say, keep trying
every 10 seconds for the next 2 minutes... if the router is still down,
then NUT initiates shut-down, no differently than if the UPS driver was
reporting the the UPS was was running on battery power.

Sounds stupid, right?  Well it is stupid!  But having to replace a
perfectly good working UPS just because you don't have a needed driver is
also stupid.  So it's a lesser of two evils sort of thing.  This router
PING scheme would provide a bare minimum of functionality for users who
have a non-supported UPS but can not afford to get a new UPS, for users
who don't need any extra functionality, or for users who are simply
waiting for a new UPS to arrive.  It would also be great for users who are
simply too lazy to figure out the right USB port and driver to select.  I
guess it could also be an option for the user to configure this router
PING as a backup for in case the server loses the connection with the UPS.
 (cat chews through the cable?  needed to borrow the USB cable for a
printer?  etc.)

This scheme is simple, and would be effective, and might be good enough
for users who aren't running a datacenter and who live with cats. 

Please advise if this is something that can be implemented?


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