[Nut-upsdev] Developing the UPS side of the UPS-NUT equation (via usbhid)

Rob Groner rgroner at RTD.com
Fri Mar 14 12:53:43 UTC 2014

> Put another way, unless you want to make your UPS bug-compatible with an
> existing UPS, and "borrow" their USB VID:PID combinations (something I
> wouldn't recommend, since UPS vendors pay for their USB vendor ID), we
> would need to add a driver/rtd-hid.c file (or similar) to NUT. It should be very
> simple, but otherwise the UPS wouldn't work out-of-the-box (until the new
> subdriver is merged into NUT, and propagates to the Linux distributions).

We'll have our own vendor ID and product ID, that's already being worked.  And while I do want it to work straight out of the box, I also realize that when you're talking anything Linux, pretty much no one expects that to be true.  :-)  So, whatever utilities or README we have to include with the board to get it working with NUT, we're fine doing until the subsystem file is a part of the NUT distribution.  

I'm happy to learn how to provide the required files to NUT and provide patches, etc.  Working with someone else to get our hardware compatible is pretty new to me, I usually only have to write the device drivers for our boards.

Overall, thanks very much for the generous and patient help.  Considering I spent probably two days at the beginning of this week just staring dumbfounded at the screen, my USB HID understanding has come quite a ways!


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