[Nut-upsdev] New driver for ASEM UPS

Giuseppe Corbelli giuseppe.corbelli at copanitalia.com
Wed May 28 15:22:35 UTC 2014

On 28/05/2014 14:20, Charles Lepple wrote:
> On May 28, 2014, at 3:01 AM, Giuseppe Corbelli wrote:
>> Hi all
>> I'm developing a NUT driver for a custom UPS found on ASEM PB 1300 devices
>> (http://www.asem.it/prodotti/industrial-automation/box-pcs/performance/pb1300/)
>> It's based on some custom charger and a bq2060 battery monitor, talk to it on i2c bus.
> Looks interesting!
>> I will have something usable in a few days. Got some questions/considerations, though:
>> *) interested in integrating into NUT?
> Yes, we're happy to help integrate. For less common devices, we might ask
> for some testing assistance later if there is a change to the way drivers
> operate, but once you submit the driver, we will try to keep things building
> properly.

No problem. I should have access to the same hardware in the future.

>> *) would you prefer a pull request on github or a patch here?
> Either way works for us. The Github pull requests and issues are better
> for  things that we might not get to immediately, but when adding a new driver,
> there is usually a lot of discussion on either the pull request or the mailing
> lists. It's up to you.

Mailing list.

>> *) I would patch configure to add a --with-i2c option
> Are you using an I2C library? If so, it might be good to use the name of
> that library in the flag. Originally, our --with-ssl flag implied OpenSSL, but
> several years ago we started adding NSS support as well, and the flags got
> complicated.

No library. The linux/i2c-dev.h include defines some inlined functions that 
basically wrap an ioctl(fd, I2C_SMBUS, params) call.

> If it is a Linux-specific i2c implementation, something like --with-linux-i2c might be better.

Sounds good.

>> *) Linux only, on Windows there's vendor provided software.
> Not a problem, although if it does not support *BSD, we should document
> that  as well. At the moment, nobody has stepped up to do anything other than minor
> maintenance on the Windows port of NUT, so I don't think that will be a problem.

On *BSD the i2c interface will likely be different, and I don't use *BSD at 
work, so the driver will not support it.

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