[Nut-upsdev] nutdrv_qx and Best Power equipment

hyouko at gmail.com hyouko at gmail.com
Fri Nov 7 22:31:57 UTC 2014

> Sure enough, it turned off after about 30 seconds (t=228). I unplugged it for about five seconds, and it came back on three minutes after I plugged it back in. However, the bypass bit inversion might be responsible for this:
>  228.304623     send: 'Q1'
>  228.515426     read: '(119.0 119.0 000.0 000 60.0 13.5 XX.X 00001010'
>  228.515494     ups_infoval_set: non numerical value [ups.temperature: XX.X]
>  228.515506     blazer_process_status_bits: output voltage too low
>  228.515510     Communications with the UPS lost: status read failed!
> Similarly, when I unplugged the unit around t=638, I also got "data stale" messages from upsd (probably at t=662.124768). I let it run the battery down, and plugged it back in just before t=2617.617643.

My fault, I missed this line:
Apparently, the bypass/boost/buck bit is not reliable also when the
UPS is performing a battery test (6th bit set to 1) or a shutdown is
active (7th bit set to 1).

Now it should be fixed:

I noticed that your UPS seems to support the 'M' command as a query of
some sort (it replies '0'): now I'm curious as to what it does mean.

It could be the 0-9 index of the user-settable voltage limits, page 19 of:
Could you try and change it and see what happens to the 'M' reply?

Or maybe it's a status of some sort: the driver now keeps querying the
UPS with 'M', so if you could try and put it in some different
conditions we can see whether the reply changes or not.

One more question: when the UPS went on battery, did you silenced the
beeper through the button on its case?
If so, the beeper status bit (8th) stays true to the specs, always at
0, and it's not worth considering its value.

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