[Nut-upsdev] A "standard" serial protocol?

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Thanks, I’ll take a look at that.


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My suggestion is using the SEC2400 protocol. It's very simple, complete and based in text using using the idea of requesting and responsing.  In the NUT software the name of the driver that manage this protocol is "gamatronic".

Below the documentation:


Thiago Wiezbicki

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I’m still working on the interface to the UPS we’re selling.  USB works great with NUT in Linux, and natively through Windows battery support.  Now I’m looking over the serial protocol.  I can essentially make it anything I want, and it’s VERY tempting to make my own protocol that is intuitive and simple, but I have a feeling every UPS maker does that.  So, before I do that…is there a good, simple, robust protocol in use in multiple UPS’s out there that is somewhat well documented that I could support instead?  It would probably make integrating NUT/serial easier as well.

I looked at what seemed to be some generic serial drivers in NUT, but the commands supported and response patterns didn’t make a lot of sense to me….though I’m not sure how much it really matters if the serial protocol is “readable” to a human.


Rob Groner

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