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Carlos Eduardo P. Guidugli guidugli at gmail.com
Sun May 29 05:11:07 UTC 2016


First of all I'd like to congratulate everyone engaged in this great

I've been following this list since late 2014, when I acquired an APC
UPS model BZ1200BR. APC bought a Brazilian company named Microsol,
which NUT package had drivers for Solis and Rhino models. Since that
time, I started developing a new driver for the models below, as a way
to support my own device, but as a hobby too. The driver supports all
features that the APC provided software provides and I implemented all
information I could possibly get and set with NUT (for example,
thresholds can be adjusted). The driver was pretty much done by end
2014 but due to other priorities and problems with my own equipment
(had to replace main board twice!), I did not went forward to submit

Anyway, I was about to submit it but noticed that someone changed solis
driver to support BZ1200BR. In this case, I am submitting the driver I
wrote so you can take a look and decide if it could help or not.

The driver supports the following UPS:
 * PS350_CII
 * PS800
 * STAY1200
 * BZ1200BR
 * PS2200
 * PS2200 220V
 * STAY700
 * BZ1500BR

The enhancements I did, if compared to solis driver are:
- From time to time, the driver synchronizes the clock. Don't know why,
but my UPS got out of sync quite often.
- Supports all Microsol models not implemented in Solis and Rhino
drivers. Although I could test only with BZ1200.
- Implemented dstate writable variables
like battery.runtime.low, battery.charge.warning
- Output messages are all defined in header file

Thank you,

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