[Nut-upsdev] CyberPower SX650G no driver.

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Fri Oct 28 07:33:08 UTC 2016

28 октября 2016 г. 4:18:06 CEST, Raymond Day <raymondday at hotmail.com> пишет:
>I forgot how I ask this. But I just found out. It's a list here:
>Thanks again. Seems like it's working real good.
>Is there a way to test if it will turn off my server when the battery 
>power goes to low?
>-Raymond Day
>On 10/27/2016 8:37 AM, Charles Lepple wrote:
>>> On Oct 27, 2016, at 6:43 AM, Raymond Day <raymondday at hotmail.com>
>>> So looks like it's working Thank you. Were is the page I ask for
>>> help? This e-mail don't have the link looks like.
>> You're welcome. The links don't get sent if you're on the "To:" or
>"CC:" list, but here they are:
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A short answer might be to set up upsmon with a custom SHUTDOWNCMD that would report (log) that/when it is going to shutdown. Except for the test it will not actually shut down, just report.

For a larger integration test, involving actual shutdowns (and how long they take - so you know how much runtime + headspace your ups must have remaining to trigger the event) and perhaps poweroff of the UPS and whether it comes back up when wallpower comes back, you might stage a real production shutdown.

Also, to test just the UPS part you do not have to powercycle the server - you can run the upscmd's involved in the shutdown routine against the UPS which is not actually powering your system at the moment. 

Note that some UPSes do require non-trivial load to operate - then perhaps a display might suffice, or one of redundant server PSUs.

Hope this helps,
Jim Klimov
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