[Nut-upsdev] NUT namespace: RFC for new variable addition

Gernot Zander debian at scorpio.in-berlin.de
Wed May 24 14:06:11 UTC 2017


am 24 Mai schrieb Charles Lepple:
>>> I don't think "dephasing" is common usage, but "phase shift" should
>>> suffice.
>>> Also, how does this apply to 3-phase systems? Is it nominally 120
>>> degrees?
>> It was my impression too. However it seems the 'phase shift' usually
>> refers to lag between Amperage and Voltage waves, while this issue is
>> (if I get it correctly) about two separate ATS inputs fluctuating on
>> their own different clock-offsets. Should be same freq (50 or 60)
>> though, or likely assumed so - which might not be guaranteed in real
>> life either ;) On the other hand, if the freqs differ, this reported
>> skew degree will vary over time (if detected and reported
>> honestly)...

"phase offset" or "phase difference" is used for thre-phase systems,
AFAIK. And yes, 120 degrees.


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