[Nut-upsdev] Tripplite Smart Int 1000 - wrong numbers

tuharsky at misbb.sk tuharsky at misbb.sk
Fri Oct 6 17:29:29 UTC 2017


I've got Tripplite Smart Int 1000 UPS with lan4.1 serial interface. 
Quite sympathetic UPS, I must say from first glance. I have made a 
proper serial cable (btw i hate all those constructor's decisions to 
make distinct serial wiring for each and every UPS type from each and 
every manufacturer!)

I use [tripplite] driver for NUT and I can use upsc to get report from 
UPS, but some of these numbers are nonsense. For example

battery.voltage    13.4
(the UPS has 3x6V batteries in serial = 18V and it would never drop so 
low IMO when the UPS claims battery.charge is 99% that I also consider 
suspicious, after few minutes of charging from seriously depleted state, 
but the batteries are not new either)

input frequency seems OK at 50,2Hz, but
input.voltage (both with maximum and minimum) give 128-129V, where I 
have european grid with 230V.

Is there a problem with interpretation of these values in driver 
(version 2.7.4, internal 0.9.1), or have I UPS with faulty sensors? I 
don't deny this possibility either since I bought it second hand.

Could I diagnose it somehow and/or help improve the driver if necessary? 
E.q., send You some raw output if You tell me how?

I also miss values such as output.voltage, battery.runtime etc, but 
maybe this model simply dosen't have the numbers reported.


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