[Nut-upsdev] Open source UPS server?

Mark Bettles alo0taoranges at gmail.com
Wed Sep 26 11:50:35 BST 2018

Apologies for my intrusion here, I am merely seeking help for a project I wish to have a go at. I have a pretty dumb UPS, and an Intel Galileo (Arduino clone with a network interface). I wish to make the UPS a bit smarter using the Galileo, are there any software  packages available to enable SNMP functionality from the device perspective? Can I effectively make my own, network enabled UPS controller with available projects? If not, are there any open source firmware releases for a UPS for me to examine and understand what I can do?

 It goes without question that I will be careful opening and working inside of my UPS. I have already modified it, a UK mains style socket on the side of it to enable me to plug in a regular UK style plug directly into it. I have also repaired the charging circuit, so I do have some idea of what to expect with working inside of the UPS. I have the schematic of my BK500MI and its simplicity lends well to being modified in such a way.

Any help in this regard is welcomed, as I have no idea on where to start looking for ‘server side’ SNMP UPS details, besides extracting firmware images or obtaining the source for a commercial product.

Thank you for your time,
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