[Nut-upsdev] UPS SALICRU SOHO+1600 driver & update web

KITOPOPO POPOKITO kitopopo at msn.com
Sun Feb 24 18:31:27 GMT 2019


I wanted to send an email to the administrator of the web to update an information, I do not know if this mailing list is appropriate.
I just wanted to say that I have a UPS SALICRU SOHO + 1600VA and after several days trying to configure it I found out the problem.
This UPS has usb 1.0 HID, so it does not work with the driver usb blazer if you have to use the driver usbhid-ups.
I think this could help many users who want to configure UPS SALICRU SOHO in a raspberry. Before installing NUT in raspberry,
when connecting the UPS to the raspberry it recognizes the connected usb but it disconnects every 15 or 20 seconds and it is assigned a
new device number, according to what I have read, it is a defect of the UPS and not that The NUT driver call this USB device is
disconnected continuously. logically the usb driver blazer did not work until it switches to the usbhid-ups driver and then the call to
the USB device connected to raspberry occurs and there are no longer continuous disconnections of the device.
Previously I had a SALICRU SPS ONE 900 UPS that did work with the USB driver perfectly.
I hope this information helps other people and can include the SOHO series with the corresponding driver on the Network UPS TOOLS website.

Thank you all for your work.

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