[Nut-upsdev] Updates to NUT project leadership

Jim Klimov jimklimov+nut at gmail.com
Fri Nov 13 16:28:19 GMT 2020

 Hello all,

  As some of you may already know from comments in the GitHub pull requests
and other media, due to pre-emption by real life our long-term leader and
main maintainer, Arnaud Quette, had to step down from this role and from
intensive involvement in the NUT project (we hope he would still be able to
help on occasion, time permitting). He asked the members of the core team
to take over, and it seems I am the one most available for this role. Great
thanks and kudos to Arno for giving his 15+ years to the free community
service, and for entrusting me the keys and reins!

  I suppose this is a good moment to introduce myself :)

  I am Jim Klimov, involved in numerous open source projects (
https://github.com/jimklimov?tab=repositories&type=source) since the last
millennium. Notably, I was a NUT user since Russell Kroll was in charge,
although it seems the mailing list history does not span that far back, and
I was not too active in the mail channels for some time now. You could have
seen my activities in other communities, such as
illumos/OpenIndiana/OmniOS, Jenkins, znapzend, ZeroMQ, OBS (Open Build
System), and even bits of VirtualBox and Git itself. IT is a surprisingly
small world, so those who were around long enough, could see me frequent
the Sun forums and mailing lists for many of their products and ecosystems,
and Linux mailing lists even longer ago. For several years now I have been
working with Arno (even if seated in different countries) on the 42ity
project, which builds upon NUT to offer a larger IT+Power management

  My professional past is less of "proper" application software development
and more of systems administration, CI support, scripting and lower-level
integration of products with systems they run on (in modern terms that
would likely be called dev-ops) across probably all major operating systems
and many enterprise product stacks and different CPU architectures, and
helping colleague developers getting their jobs done - and be as portable
as possible.

  My general pre-disposition is that I actually like to "forge the tools of
my trade", given that probably no tools are made to perfectly fit the
ever-changing conditions we try to wedge them into. And open-source is a
huge driver of that, both in allowing to trace why one's setup does not
work, and giving a chance to fix that for yourself and then to share the
improvement with others (and probably get feedback from better experts in
the area), and encouraging that to happen.

  I hope to see many more of you at
https://github.com/networkupstools/nut/issues/ and
https://github.com/networkupstools/nut/pulls/ - I really do find the SCM
platforms better suited to discussing (and cross-linking) the code and its
use-cases, and eventually proposing features, fixes and improvements. But
all that said, I hope to maintain a greater presence on the NUT mailing
lists from now on :)

Thanks for your patience, help and support,
and may the NUT be with you. Always! ;-)

Jim Klimov
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