[Nut-upsdev] NUT I-D (future RFC): XML encoded responses

Roger Price roger at rogerprice.org
Thu Dec 30 10:20:33 GMT 2021

I have received a comment asking me to add XML encoded responses from the server 
as an option.  This looks to me to be a very interesting and useful addition to 
the I-D (the future RFC).  However it would be a significant addition, and is 
not something in which I have the necessary experience.

We have the choice of placing such an addition in the current draft, or 
publishing it in a new (much shorter) draft RFC.

Given the IETF habit of "rough consensus and working code", I would prefer to 
wait until the NUT project has working code for this, but I am more than ready 
to listen to your ideas.

We would also need volunteer(s) to write the new text.  This would require a 
rigorous, standards quality, specification of the the XML grammar used and its 
meaning.  The comment proposed REST.  Is this the best choice?  Would SOAP be 
better in an RFC?


PS: a piece of IETF jargon: a future RFC is known in the IETF as an I-D.  I 
shall begin using this terminology.

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