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Grage, Fabian Fabian.Grage at uni-hamburg.de
Wed Feb 2 15:53:39 GMT 2022

Hey i have a quesiton regarding NUT compability: i asked a manufacturer about whether his product is compatible or not and this was his answer:
(p.s. im trying to find a 12V UPS that has specs along the lines as the one mentioned in the email that can also trigger the NUT pugin on my openmediavault server (running on a RockPro64 SBC with 12V))

I assume the answer the manufacturer gave means no?

Thank you for reading!

Von: Shanqiu <support at hgdups.com>
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An: Grage, Fabian
Betreff: Re: Question regarding Mini UPS FX 5-12 Pro

Hi Fabian,

sorry for late reply, because we are in holiday now.

about NUT protocoll, we donot have the specification and donot know what's the input voltage and current required.

so we cannot tell it's supported or not.

please if possible check the input voltage and current of NUT protocoll.

if its:
12V at any current below 3.5A,
9V at any current below 3A,
or 5V at any current below 5A.

it will be supported.

thanks and happy 2022.
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From: Fabian
Date: 2022-02-01 23:34
To: support at hgdups.com<mailto:support at hgdups.com>
Subject: Question regarding Mini UPS FX 5-12 Pro
Hello HGD support,

can you tell me if the  FX 5-12 Pro mini UPS (https://www.worldwidevoltage.com/fx-5-12.html ) supports the NUT protocoll?

About the NUT protocoll: https://networkupstools.org/

Best regards,

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