[Nut-upsdev] Fwd: [networkupstools/nut] Support for MicroLink APC UPSs (Issue #1426)

Ted Mittelstaedt tedm at mittelstaedt.us
Sat May 14 19:02:30 BST 2022

I'll ask the obvious which is wouldn't it be easier to write a driver 
for NUT that would exec python code (or other scripting languages) that 
talked to the UPS?

Seems to me that nowadays the hack/reverse engineer/disassembly crowd 
who loves breaking into stuff is really big into python and having 
something like this might make it easier to prototype drivers for 
oddball UPSes... - it could also help with writing screen-scrapers  (my 
understanding is the SMC1000I has a network port and I'm betting it 
provides some rudimentary webinterface)


On 5/14/2022 1:01 AM, Jim Klimov via Nut-upsdev wrote:
> https://github.com/networkupstools/nut/issues/1426
> Does anyone feel up to the challenge?
> There's some research and python code to interact with MicroLink-only 
> serial APC models, waiting for a port into NUT...
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> Hi there,
> as you know APC is still manufacturing MicroLink-only UPSs. I have 
> purchased a APC SMC1000I and just found out that it could only be used 
> as a generic USB-HID UPS with NUT right now. And unfortunately the 
> SMC-series is not capable of ModBus so there are still APC devices out 
> there which can only use MicroLink for a full operation.
> So I think it would be great if MicroLink-UPSs could be supported 
> directly by NUT at least through a serial connection. That's why I'd 
> like to raise this /feature request/ here.
> For testing purposes I have created a custom serial cable with this 
> pinout <https://pinoutguide.com/UPS/apc_0625_cable_pinout.shtml> and 
> used the following Python tool for checking the MicroLink 
> communication with my unit:
> https://github.com/klaasdc/apcups-serial-test
> I was able to get information about my unit and even set the battery 
> installation date through MicroLink in a Python shell (with the help 
> of some sample code 
> <https://github.com/klaasdc/apcups-serial-test/issues/1>). So it seems 
> like the protocol description is there, it's just written in Python 
> and needs to be ported to C. Unfortunately I am only familiar with 
> Python and not with C :(
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